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For the sake of BNF Brawl

This is no longer an RP account. I'm simply too lazy to clean out these posts. I use this as an RL account for all intents and purposes. Thank'ee~

My Interesting Day

Dear brick wall,

This is Zaraki. I'm writing on you with a rusty crowbar since pencils and paper are too easy. It's too bad I didn't get to finish my fight with the blue-haired guy. I could've really used his sword to give to anyone else who challenges me. That fuzzy red-haired guy seemed even stronger, but as soon as he showed up I knew he wouldn't fight. Plus he keeps saying he'll send me to the parking lot if I break anything. I'd like to see him talk so tough without his clipboard and that shiny flashstep he can do.

Anyway, I still haven't found Sharp & Sharps. That girl who looked like Yachiru said it was this way, but I took a couple of lefts and wound up in the forest again. Then I found the city again by jumping and keeping an eye on this big building I'm writing on now. Maybe I'll fight her too; she was a bit stronger than most. 'Course I'd have to find her all over again. It's hard to find anything without Yachiru's help. Anyway, I'm gonna find that shop now, the crowbar's a knub and I'm running out of wall.

Sky City Profiles

Character Name: L
Character World (the place they are from): Earth
Weakness: Social skills
Strength: Genius detective/kickboxer

Character Name: Aang
Character World (the place they are from): Avatarland
Weakness: Very bald, not good at the formal stuff
Strength: Wicked bending skillz

Character Name: Ephraim
Character World (the place they are from): Magvel, Fire Emblem
Weakness: Logic, boats
Strength: Undefeatable tactician

Character Name: Zaraki Kenpachi
Character World (the place they are from): Soul Society, Bleach
Weakness: Directional skills, mild insanity
Strength: Ridiculously powerful

Character Name: Kirby
Character World (the place they are from): Kirby
Weakness: Kirby
Strength: Kirby

Character Name: Ganondorf
Character World (the place they are from): Hyrule
Weakness: Master Sword, getting on in his years
Strength: Triforce of Power, King of Evil, etc.

Character Name: Lute
Character World (the place they are from): Magvel, Fire Emblem
Weakness: A little presumptuous
Strength: Genius, capable mage

Character Name: Marisa
Character World (the place they are from): Magvel, Fire Emblem
Weakness: Social skills, being cheerful
Strength: Swordmaster with a good crit rate

Character Name: Phoenix 'Nick' Wright
Character World (the place they are from): Earth
Weakness: Completely average human in terms of power
Strength: Ace attorney

Character Name: Kratos Aurion
Character World (the place they are from): Whatever the world was called before it was split apart, Tales of Symphonia
Weakness: Tomatoes, his son's idiocy
Strength: War god, mod of Sky City

Character Name: Presea Combatir
Character World (the place they are from): Tethe'alla, Tales of Symphonia
Weakness: Withdrawn, tends to have bad crap happen to her
Strength: About five times stronger than the average Tales character

Character Name: Jade Curtiss
Character World (the place they are from): Keterburg, Tales of the Abyss
Weakness: People stealing his goddamn research and making clones of everything willy-nilly; I mean seriously, seven Ions? Jade would need no more than three before getting a perfect replica
Strength: Nuclear mage, father of Fomicry, witty

Character Name: Crimson Fujihibayashi
Character World (the place they are from): Morroc, Ragnarok Online
Weakness: Can be overly determined
Strength: Thoughtful, revolutionary, elite assassin

Character Name: Reiyez
Character World (the place they are from): Depends. Earth or a virtual world
Weakness: Swayed by the womenfolk
Strength: ...Kinda okay swordsman? He's fast...

Rules to fighting Heji

1: NEVER spend time gloating in front of his face or near him if he's down.

2: Never think about what you're doing.

3: NEVER tell him to give it his best shot.


5: Never use anything long-range that takes more than a second and a half to prepare.

6: Never try to piss him off for the fun of it.

7: Never try to sneak up on him.

8: Never think you can hit him easily when his eyes are closed.

9: If his left arm becomes enveloped in black flame, keep a good distance.

10: If the rest of him does, run.

11: If the area surrounding you begins to go darker, run.

12: If the following thought crosses your mind - "I bet he won't expect this" - you're wrong.

13: If you are an expert at any weapon, use a different one.

14: If you're a slower fighter than average - for any reason - just give up.

15: If you did anything to provoke him seriously before the fight, you're an idiot.

16: If you are weaker than him and plan to finish him off later after he defeats an extremely evil being, and you notice he sticks his hand into his/her/its chest, and you still decide to strike, you have just made the worst decision in your suddenly shortened life.

And now, the following rule applies foremost to every single rule in this guide, and must be adhered to before every other one listed above.


If you have infringed upon this single rule by either killing Tina with him present, admitting to have killed Tina when he was not present, or otherwise maiming Tina to any point where she seems convincingly dead or near to it, you have just sealed your fate and that of everything in a two-kilometer radius that can be categorized as solid matter.
If you can teleport to a location very far away very quickly or if you're immortal and can not be damaged by any worldly means, you might be able to get away with it.
If you are immortal but your body can be damaged, you're still screwed.
Have a nice day.

Reiyez. Fifteen. Personality? You'll see. Differences from the image? Nope.

Tina Lante. You don't want to know her personality.
Differences from the image: Wings big enough to actually support her in the air, slightly lighter hair, none of those strange bands going up her legs, violet eyes, a MUCH less cutesey expression...
Oh, and three years older-looking. I assume that pic looks like a nine year-old, and Tina is twelve. Oh, and she can summon and unsummon her wings. And she's an Alchemist. Um... yeah, that's about it.

Profile: The other guys

Though all of these people deserve their own profiles, I'm just far too lazy to provide it for them.

Matthew: The booksmarts of the group. Son of a meek librarian and a noticeably untalkative and irritable apprentice of a Blacksmith, he is genetically the most levelheaded and calculating of the bunch. fifteen years old and wears a cap over his black-haired head at all times, tipped so that the beak covers one eye. His other garb is typically a sweater (with or without pouch-pockets) and comfortably baggy pants. Because of his background-ish personality and more calculating than enthusiastic personality, he's best friends with Miro. His weapon of choice is stealth, as his resourcefulness outshines even Miro's in that category. In the right environment, he can set mind-boggling arrays of traps that include anything from several spears to makeshift explosive devices to a very solid bar of soap. He can also be deceptively quick, or at least able to react when no one expects it from him. In direct combat, though, he falters, likely because he doesn't typically put as much bassion into battle as others. He is, however, a quick enough learner to be effective in anything he can sit in that's meant to fight (dragons, mecha, you name it), and while mounted as such, actually does fight with extreme passion. This is, of course, because he is a major Otaku. A final trait of his is a talent that his male companions constantly praise him over: his so-far undefeated ability to speak with women in a manner that always compliments to their inner-workings. Not one has yet to have too complex an issue for him to be unable to genuinely comfort them over. Not one has yet to have too impenetrable and impassive an outer shell for him to be unable to speak on friendly terms with them. his friends believe that, if he were ever willing, he could be the ultimate pimp. But, he won't.

Kate: For being the only pair of X-chromosomes currently in the group, she's very... mean. One of her most interesting features are her startling red eyes, which give way to many an albino joke or general 'ugly' comment. Those who make such remarks, however, are rarely heard from again. Was an extremely effective bully to both Miro and Hugh when they were of younger age, and still retains a very authoritative, pushy, aggresive and (as previously stated...) mean demeanor to herself. More of a taunting and teasing type when it comes to those she's close to, though, rather than physical abuse. Sadly she only administers this treatment onto Miro, the two of whom have been OTP-ed. When angered, though, Kate's fighting ability is astounding for a regular human. She wields a Swiss Army Knife, of which one of the slots contains a massive, thick blade, comparable to the Tetsaiga. It is even equipped with its own deadly move, dubbed the 'Wind Scrape'. She is seventeen years old, second-oldest of the group (but she can get touch about it, so try not to mention...).

William: A former anti-hero gone back to being a completely average human being. The most 'normal' person of the group, in terms of personality, physical ability, and even appearance. Has a small tangle of untidy brown hair, and whatever clothes tend to fit the situation. He feels a little overshadowed by the personalities of his friends, but even so, tends to back up Matthew in amusing commentaries of whatever situations tend to arise. In fighting, he holds no especially great talent, though he is nearly as resourceful as Miro when it comes to using supernatural powers imbued unto him (and quite a bit more loyal to those who do the imbuing. He also seemed to have developed the cool anti-hero personna when he was given those powers, and it vanished along with the powers as well. No news on if it would be returned if someone decided to uber him up again).

Hugh: Former antagonist. Completely self-confident and with a tendancy to passionately defend whatever he defines as his, and soundly defeat whoever he believes is trying to claim it, whether or not the person really wants to. This should not be taken as a note of pure chivalry, however. Hugh is a jock, purely and simply. Trains every day through jogging, weights, sit ups, you name it. This makes him easily the strongest of the group as well, known to deflect medium-size cannon balls with his abs. Another asset is his teeth; which, if cleaned well enough, can reflect out a blinding light capable of incapacitating enemies. He has a way with persuading with demonic forces to his advantage if given a chance, but has no real powers of his own, excluding his impressive strength, toughness, and teeth. Both the tallest and the oldest of the group, including Miro, at 19 years of age.

Profile: Miro

It's pronounced 'Me-row'

If I had a 'main' muse, it would be him. Based entirely off of Nami's teenage son in the game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Dresses accordingly to whatever bizarre era the current RP is set in. Typically fifteen years old. Red, untidy, straight hair, blue eyes that reflect a healthy modicum of intelligence, and absoltely no known or implied fighting talent whatsoever.

Being only a regular human, he typically can only manage regular-human feats. One positive point to him seems to be his resourcefulness, as throughout the Fanfic that shaped most of his character, he underwent four changes of form or personality altogether (though he likely couldn't repeat most of them. One involved being imbued by the power of nature and another involved two Keyblades...) and was able to, one way or another, put them to use without much difficulty.

He's the son of a dark, mysterious, antisocial, intelligent mother and an outgoing, happy-go-lucky, completely idiotic father with an infamous lack of foresight. Though he grudges his similarities to his mother, he grudges his father's similarities even more.

Companion (whether it be good friend, friend, soul-partner-thing, or former hated enemy) of Matthew, William, Kate, and Hugh (in that order, by the way).